General Information
Shipped Characters Heather Vergia and Abigail Lockwood
Length of Relationship Not dating
Status Best Friends; BFAM
Rivals Abtricia
Abither is the FRIENDSHIP between Heat/her Vergia and Abi/gail Lockwood. They are best friends and have known each other, since, um, 2nd grade.


  • Abigail left a comment on Heather's page.
  • Heather replied.
  • Abigail replied.
  • Heather replied.
  • Abigail replied.
  • Abigail talked about Heather to Patricia.
  • Abigail called Heather Bonnie.
  • Heather called Abigail Caroline.
  • Abigail butted in Patricia and Heather's convo saying, "OMG Abigail".


  • They both loooveee TVD.
  • They both are best friends with Patricia.
  • They both enjoy torturing each other calling each other their TVD names (E.g. Heather calls Abigail Caroline and Abigail calls Heather Bonnie)


  • Abigail hugging Heather on her first day of HA.
  • Them at Heather's sleepover. No, they're not doing what you think, perv.