General Information
Shipped Characters Graceyn Stone and Alex Millington
Length of Relationship March 15, 2012 - present
Status Dating; in love
Rivals Malex

This is the pairing of A/lex Millington and Gr/aceyn Stone. It is currently canon and rivals 3 pairings.


  • They started dating even when people said they're not 'compatible.'
  • Alex proposed to Graceyn as a dare.
  • Graceyn wrote a blog post about her date with Alex.
  • Even people at HA call the couple 'Aceyn'.
  • They said they loved each other at a park.
  • Graceyn hates parks.
  • Alex swung Graceyn on a swing at the park.


  • They're in love.
  • Alex had a crush on Mary but it sorta went away when Graceyn came.
  • It's currently canon.

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