General Information
Shipped Characters Adam Benson & Alison Berish
Length of Relationship 2008 - 2010; 2012 (Engaged as of 11/7/12; on hold as of 12/22/12)
Status Broken Up
Rivals Scam

Adison was the relationship between Ad/am Benson and Al/ison Berish. They are currently broken up, and their engagement is on hold.


  • Ali was the one to confess she still loved Adam, even though Adam still loved her too.
  • When they got back together Adam took Alison's hand and they walked away together.
  • Adam wanted them to skip class to make out. After a little convincing, they did.
  • When Echo, Adam, and Ali were discussing how they planned to stay in contact after Adam and Ali graduated, Adam proposed to her.
  • Adam bought a loft in Hollywood Hills and asked Ali to move in. She eagerly agreed.
  • When Ali was uncomfortable with his and Echo's bad conversation about Quinn and left, he (and Echo) wondered what was the matter with her.
  • Ali broke up with Adam when he suggested they have a baby.
    • When she did, she said that she always have, and always will love him, hinting at a reconciling in the future.
    • Both Adam and Ali cried after they broke up.
  • Two weeks after they broke up, Ali gave him back all of his things. She reluctantly gave his engagement ring back as well. Adam showed disdain towards her doing so.
  • A little over a month after their breakup, Ali offered to tutor Adam when his grades started to fall. During their conversation afterward, Adam and Ali almost kiss.
  • Adam kisses her during one of their study sessions.
  • They go out to lunch, as friends.
  • Adam gave her a picture of them when they were 13 on their anniversary.
  • They had sex even though they are still broken up.


  • Alison's WB title was "Adam's Girl". It has since been changed to "Independent Girl".
  • Ever since Alison came back, she's had knots in her stomach every time she talked to Adam.
  • She'd blush at everything Adam said, and she knows all those things have been happening to Adam too.
  • Adam was the one to suggest they go out again.
  • Adam called Ali his "boo-bear" and Ali called Adam "Prince Adam". She also called him "baby" sometimes.
  • In Ali's trivia it used to say, "Adam's mine <3" and Adam's trivia used to say, "I'm taken <3".
  • Echo stalked them.
  • Ali confirmed that she moved out of her and Adam's loft.
  • They got engaged on November 7, 2012, but as of December 22, 2012, their engagement is on hold.
  • They started dating for the first time on February 24, 2008.