Anthony and Adrian
General Information
Shipped Characters Adrian Brees and Anthony Martiano
Length of Relationship Not dating(If you ship this romantically, you have issues, bro.)
Status Best friends, almost-step-brothers
Rivals None at this moment

Adrianthony is the FRIENDSHIP/bromance pairing of Adria/n Brees and A/nthony Martiano. They are almost-step-brothers since Adrian's mom and Anthony's dad are engaged. They are also best friends.


  • Adrian took Anthony's gym clothes once, as a friendly prank.
  • They both occasionally watch over Koen Redmund(even though Adrian insists that Koen is too old for a babysitter)
  • Adrian hacked Anthony's TheSlap Page, and they had an argument over that status
  • How Anthony got revenge is unknown, although he stated in a TheSlap post that he changed Adrian's password.
  • Adrian pelted nachos at Anthony.
  • Anthony got payback to the above by mixing hot sauce with coffee.
  • They had to plan their parents' wedding.
  • One time, it was implied that Adrian said that he loves Anthony as a brother(no homo)


  • They both look like characters from Shake It Up
  • They both despise Sydney sometimes.
  • Adrian loves ticking Anthony off, but they're still awesome friends.
  • Their favorite pizza has pepperoni, triple cheese, sausage, bacon, and ham.
  • They both love MW3.
  • They are in a singing group called A(drian)-B(rees)A(nthony)M(Martiano).