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General Information
Shipped Characters Emily Bailey and Ashton Parker
Length of Relationship Not dating
Status Friends, Kissed, Hooked Up, in love
Rivals Zemily
Ashily is the friendship/romantic pairing of Em/ily Bailey and Ash/ton Parker. They're friends, and they've known each other since Kindergarten, along with other characters.


  • When Emily first saw Ashton at HA, she said "OMG. Is this the famous Ashton Parker?"
  • She (Along with Taylor Gilbert) likes calling Ashton "Frankenteen" to annoy him.
  • When Emily first called him Frankenteen in HA, he replied "You're pretty tall too."


  • They've known each other since Kindergarten.
  • They're the same age... for now...
  • They're both good friends with Taylor Gilbert, Vanessa George, Priscilla Richardson, Alex Riley, and some more people.
  • Ashton's Birthday is exactly 1 month after Emily's.
  • They're best friends.