• NinjaNia

    So, I was thinking since there are a lot of new couples and inactive couples on the RP wiki, we could start making pages for some of the newer ones COUGHjanaCOUGH and categorizing the older/inactive ones with an "inactive" category so any of us stalkers will know which ones are dead or alive. So yeah this was a very pointless blog.

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  • Minithepeanut

    So uh - yeah. The title should explain it. Anyway, I was thinking, you know how we have the relationships with people that don't go here, what are the limits on what can and can't go on here?

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  • Catxcrazy

    Weird Idea

    May 28, 2012 by Catxcrazy

    So, um.

    Yeah, here it is:

    So under moments, trivia and pictures in the pairing pages, we could have a section called "Shippers." No anti-shippers, though. xD

    Like, um, this

    someone said hi


    i have to pee

    Purpleunicornsrockmyworld - Romantic shipper

    lolwut - friendship shipper.

    So, um yeah. xP

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  • SterolineMango

    Being the responsible admin that I should be, I decided to do this.

    But first. I have one question. WHEN DID ALL THE USERS BECOME ADMINS?

    Okay. I'm done.

    So, erm.

    Featured Couple

    Featured Friendship


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