General Information
Shipped Characters Jasmine and Denise Wilson
Length of Relationship Not dating, that is just sick :/
Status Sisters; Best Friends
Rivals Jasary

Dasmine is the STRICTLY SISTERLY LOVE between D/enise and J/asmine Wilson.


  • They're siblings, isn't that all you need to know?
  • Denise said Jasmine was her favorite sibling.
  • Denise commented on Jasmine's page.
  • Jasmine commented on Denise's page.
  • Jasmine thought Denise was having a random spazz attack.
  • There are others but I'm too lazy to add them.


  • They are sisters.
  • They represent the other Delenaaaa.
  • They've only been in one fight in their whole life.
  • Denise said that you gotta love Jasmine.
  • Jasmine is extremely protective of Denise.
  • Denise likes to torture Jasmine saying that Jasmine and Austin are meant to be and will get married and have cute babies.


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