201px-Ryan Denise
General Information
Shipped Characters Denise Wilson and Ryan Burghley
Length of Relationship February 27, 2012 - Present
Status Dating/Best Friends/In Love<3
Rivals Rylor

Denyan is the relationship between Den/ise Wilson and R/yan Burghley. They are dating ATM and are in love. Like, majorly. Before they were dating, they both had major crushes on each other, but were in denial of their love.


  • Denise called Ryan her best friend.
  • Ryan asked Denise out, which is kind of major.
  • Ryan overprotects Denise when boys flirt with her, and vice versa.
  • They both wrote blogs about cute little habits the other has.
  • Denise once shouted, "TEAM RYAN!!!"


  • They have their own stalkers (their biggest ones are Rachelle and Alicia).
  • They are in love.