General Information
Shipped Characters Emily Bailey and Vanessa George
Length of Relationship Not dating
Status BFFs
Rivals Prisily
Emessa is the FRIENDSHIP pairing of Em/ily Bailey, and Van/essa George. They are the bestest friends in the world, and known each other since kindergarten. Which is pretty fracking awesome.


  • Emily updated a status about her.
  • Emily told Ashton that Vanessa was here.
  • Emily seemed sad when she told Ashton that Vanessa was sick.
  • Emily replied to Vanessa's TheSlap post.
  • Vanessa replied to one of Emily's posts.


  • They're the bestest of friends.
  • They both look like glee characters.
  • Emily loves to hug Vanessa.
  • They're both female.
  • Emily hates when Vanessa is sad.
  • Vanessa hates when Emily is sad.
  • they both believe in moogic