General Information
Shipped Characters Jake Little and Graceyn Stone
Length of Relationship n/a
Status Friends
Rivals Jaylor, Aceyn

Jaceyn is the friendship pairing of Jake Little and Graceyn Stone. When they first met Graceyn couldn't stand him, however, after she gave him another chance, they became very good friends.


  • When Jake was new to the school, Graceyn gave a big rant about how he wasn't as good as everyone thought he was, and Jake annoyed her more by calling her sweetheart.
  • Phoebe offered Graceyn $30 to go start over with Jake. Jake said he'd vouch for her earning the $30.
  • Jake kept annoying Graceyn by flirting with her, and Graceyn got ready to kill him.
  • Rachelle and Colbie made a joke that they made a cute couple and they were both all "Uhhh - no. What is wrong with you?"
  • Jake and Graceyn were once talking about their types, and Jake assured Graceyn that she was not his type. He then continued on to say, but I've seen your boyfriend, and he looks very similar to me.
  • Graceyn and Jake made a prank video.
  • They eat together a lot.
  • At first, Jake wouldn't allow Graceyn to have hot liquids near him, but now he buys her coffee, and actually bought a coffee once, specifically because he knew Graceyn would want it.
  • In return, Graceyn feeds Jake's gum addiction.
  • Jake wanted to know where Graceyn was when she disappeared for two weeks.
  • Graceyn replied to Jake's first TheSlap Update.
  • Graceyn knew Jake's girlfriend simply because Jake kept talking about her.
  • Jake convinced Graceyn to be his wingman and introduce him to Annie, however, Annie originally thought they were brother and sister. Since then, almost everyone (except Brielle, Jake and Graceyn) can see the resemblance.
  • Jake was denying that they look related and smushed his face against Graceyn's. Graceyn abruptly told him to let go of her face.
  • Jake also said that he actually had a sister, who looked nothing like Graceyn. When Graceyn replied saying that Jake looks nothing like his actual sister, Jake was like "That's not helping."
  • Jake asked Graceyn to the prome, and Graceyn wanted him to ask her in a more unique way, so he did, and she said yes.