Jasmine alex1
General Information
Shipped Characters Jasmine Wilson and Alex Millington
Length of Relationship N/A
Status Best Friends
Rivals Jaustin

Jalex is the friendship/romantic pairing of Jasmine Wilson and Alex Millington. They are best friends and hang out and talk a lot.


  • On Jasmine's page, she says Alex is adorably funny. She also says that she tells him lots of things - things that even her best friend Mary Grace doesn't know.
  • Alex once told Jasmine that he had a crush on Mary Grace.
  • Jasmine told Alex that she was always there for him whenever they needed to talk about something.
  • Alex told Jasmine that he was glad she cared about him and that it meant a lot to him.


  • Alex is the only one to call Jasmine "Jazzy."