General Information
Shipped Characters Jasmine Wilson and Austin Montgomery
Length of Relationship N/A
Status Close Friends
Rivals Jalex

Jaustin is the romantic/friendship pairing of Jasmine Wilson and Austin Montgomery. They're currently super best friends and hang out a lot. It's also rumored - and well known by only her close friends - that Jasmine has a crush on Austin.


  • Austin and Jasmine first met at an acting camp that Denise - Jasmine's younger sister - dragged her to.
  • Jasmine was extremely jealous was Austin started dating the new girl, Jamie.
  • Austin once brought up this secret diary to Jasmine and she kept denying it. He also kept trying to annoy her by talking about it.
  • Jasmine actually admitted to Denise that she had a crush on Austin.
  • Once, they were hanging out at Austin's house and got into a paint war. Like, an awesome paint war where they were tackling and laughing and such.


  • Austin was the first person to call Jasmine "Jazz." Other people call her that now, but not as many.
  • According to Denise, Jasmine has a diary and she writes about Austin in it.
  • Many people believe that the two are secretly dating or something is going on between them.
  • Lots of their friends actually want them to date each other.