General Information
Shipped Characters Jake Little and Tayor Marlen
Length of Relationship March 20, 2012 - Present
Status Dating
Rivals Rylor

Jaylor is the romantic pairing of Jake Little and Taylor Marlen. They have been dating since March 20, 2012, and, even if it goes against Jake's image, they are in love. Taylor doesn't seem to mind Jake flirting with other girls, and they rarely get jealous of each other.


  • They're dating.
  • Taylor once said "Jake does something wrong. You tell me what it is. I apologise for him. That's how these things work."
    • Jake replied saying "And that's why we're a perfect couple."
  • Jake and Taylor were both creeped out when Emily was saying that Taylor wasn't human, and asking if Jake had given her a love potion to make her go out with him.
  • When Graceyn and Taylor first met, Graceyn said she knew about Taylor because Jake would talk about her all the time.