General Information
Shipped Characters Krystal Park and Jenny Chong
Length of Relationship Not dating
Status BFFs
Rivals lolwedk

Jenstal is the friendship pairing of Jen/ny Chong and Krys/tal Park. They're best friends, and they've been friends since the first grade.


  • Kyrstal called Jenny her best friend on her page.
  • Krystal greeted Jenny on her first day of HA, and they had a little reunion.
  • Jenny invited Krystal to sit with her at lunch.
  • They both agreed that food is perfect.


  • They both love food.
  • They both love SooSic/SooSica.
  • They both look like people from SNSD.
  • They're both Korean.
  • They've known each other since 1st grade.
  • They like doing homework at each other's houses.


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