General Information
Shipped Characters Katherine Wilson, Patricia Ellerbee and Abigail Lockwood
Length of Relationship Not dating
Status Best friends; soul sisters; besties till all ends
Rivals N/A

Kathabicia is the pairing of K Wil, Trix Bumblebee, and Abby Snatchwood.


  • They met and had a conversation about The Vampire Diaries.
  • All had a long convo on Abigail's blog page. xD Kath and Abby did all the typing. Pat was feeling lazy
  • They stated numerous times that they are best friends.
  • They even said they ship this pairing as friends.


  • They're best friends.
  • They have a ton of things in common.
  • They all look like characters from TVD.
  • They call themselves the TVD trio.
  • They gave each other lesbian friendship necklaces cuz they're freaky like that.


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