General Information
Shipped Characters Ryan Burghley and Taylor Marlen
Length of Relationship February 14-21, 2012
Status Exes
Rivals Denyan
Rylor is the ex-relationship pairing of Ryan Burghley and Taylor Marlen. They used to be best friends, and they dated for about a week before breaking up, because Ryan was in love with Denise. Taylor is also dating Ryan's nemesis, Jake Little.


  • They have known each other since kindergarten and used to be best friends.
  • Ryan posted an update that he didn't know what to do because he thought he was in love with his best friend (referring to Taylor).
  • Ryan asked Taylor out on Valentines Day and said he had a very nice Valentines Day.
  • Ryan told Denise that he and Taylor kept fighting and that was why they broke up.
  • They were supposed to have a beach day once after they broke up, but it got rained out and Denise got jealous.
  • Ryan and Taylor have a lot of awkward conversations.