General Information
Shipped Characters Trinity Adams & Echo Alexander
Length of Relationship Not dating yet
Status Close Friends; Possibly One-Side Crush,Roommates

Trinicho is the friendship/relationship pairing of Trinity Adams & Echo Alexander. They're dating.


  • When Echo and Trinity first met, they instantly connected.
    • Echo jokingly proposed to her, as they were playing along that Trinity was actually Annie Clark, her celebrity lookalike.
    • Trinity told her that she was gay, and Echo tried to get her to come out. She even announced to everyone in the hall that she was pansexual to convince her.
    • Echo's strong words later convinced Trinity to come out to her homophobic parents.
  • When she did come out to them, they threw her out. After being told this, Echo immediately sprang into action. She told her mom of Trinity's situation, and convinced her to let her stay at their house.
  • Trinity asked Echo out
  • They kissed
  • They're dating


  • They're both in the LGBT community, as Echo is pan, and Trinity is gay.
  • They are living together.
  • They both dislike Blake, Echo's twin sister.
  • They represent Fimogen from Degrassi (with Trinity being Fiona; Echo being Imogen).