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NOTE: You can add as many userboxes as you want! Have fun! ===Character Ships===

Character Ships



Kandrewwww This user can tell in this gif is when Kath and Drew were saying goodbye :'(


KandrewDance ღ This user thinks Kath and Andrew are so adorable when they dance together ღ



RachelleMax This user loves Maxelle so much they don't even care that this userbox fails



KashtonBro This user ships Kashton and thinks they are so cute together <3



201px-Ryan Denise This user is a hardcore Denyan Shipper!



Malexxx OH MY GOSH! This user thinks Jaustin is so cuttee.



Halo This user ships Brittana Prisily ;)


TrueColors This user thinks Priscilla and Emily have amazing voices.


Britgela Hallways This user is a major Prisily fan ;)


Tumblr m4g6xsE50G1qi50pdo1 500 This user walks upon the Prisily army.



Tumblr m38qhx6pvV1qmsgm1o5 250 This user supports the Emessa friendship!


Tumblr ln8om3Ckm71qci9uio1 400 This user loves jumping as much as they love Emessa:)))



Tumblr lm0ryrj0aN1qj9mg5 This user loves blondes and Emaylor <33!


Tumblr lfb97hroYV1qfsi6ro1 500 This user is Emaylor shocked :O


Tumblr lsnmimccIq1qahoyio1 500 This user loves how Emily and Taylor are the best of friends <3



Tumblr m1shngBYO41qlcw4ho3 250 This user knows that Ashton and Emily would be sooooo freaking cute together <3


Tumblr ltbntdW5HW1qayayao11 r1 250Tumblr ltbntdW5HW1qayayao2 250 This user loves weird dancing, and Ashily (:


Tumblr lososo5lbA1qahbxio2 250 This user can't wait for Ashily's Wedding. ;)



Monvera This user thinks Priscilla and Ashton are so cutee.


Tumblr m39az6gEgL1qd1240o2 r1 250 This user thinks Ashton and Priscilla are sooooo adorable when they dance :)



Tumblr m3tv8saxul1r3mszb This user loves seeing Ashton and Taylor hug ❤



HeathigailBed This user loves Heathigail, and sleeping. Wow, how much this user loves the sleep ✇


{{ Adrianthony }}

===Multiple Ships=Edit

Multiple Ships



AshilayWalk This user is so conflicted between Ashily, Emaylor, and Ashylor. So, this user will just sit back and ship Ashilay.



Tumblr m48em7eUEj1qirgqqo6 250
Tumblr m41eohgTDp1qlfuuno2 250
This user is conflicted between Ashylor, Prashton, and Taycilla.

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